Just a few lines…#63

And then in the fight between the head and the heart, heart won. Maybe to be human, being foolish is necessary. Maybe that’s why emotion surpasses all logic. And maybe that’s why we love, hate, hurt, bleed tears , and laugh. And that’s how life goes on.

~Aishwarya Singh


Just a few lines…#62

When life is nothing but flickers of joy and pain, and the time in between spent attaining the same , it so happens that small things begin to matter the most•

~Aishwarya Singh

Just a few lines…#60

We love the ones who hurt us and go back to them not because we are lonely, because of what they once were. To return the favours and love they once showered upon us. With the hope that they can again go back to being what they once were.

~Aishwarya Singh