One breath●🍃

One breath,

                     JUST ONE.

And evrything turns from chaos to peace and serenity.  

All the pain and all the cries dissappear. 

Hush,………………….all arround. 

No fear, no wonder.

Nothing, ………………..all arround. 

One breath,

                       JUST ONE.

And, Life Becomes Death.



The absence, nature.

Cool wind whips through my smiling face.   Greenery all arround soothes my sight.  Sky above enjoys the drop down.  Clouds,  each unique and busy depicting an emotion, a thought.  The birds’ chirping, bring a musical delight and wonder into lives.  Animals arround distill comapssion and unity.  Trees and there leaves sway with joy and bring happiness to the eye. 

 And… my mind drifts into the absent.  It drifts into the absence,  of all of the above in my daily life.

Do you experience and enjoy at least one of the above in your daily life?

-Aishwarya Singh. 

For once, but never.

For once. 

For once, there was mutuality between our feelings for  each other.

For once, my love, loved me, solely. For once, I could be myself and be loved.

For once,  I felt, I had found my everything, my happiness.

For once, everything was on track.


My life , derailed. Our hearts met, but we couldn’t. 

Fate, itseems. 

Separated from society or fear from within. 


Never did we know, our destiny was away from eachother. 

– Aishwarya Singh 

Moments with him #2

Sequel 2.

First sequel being- Moments with him #1.

The wait, was long. Long beyond reckoned.  

But I saw him, he did come.

Not solely for me, but he did. 

Small, formal, witty ,talks exchanged.

 I drowned the tea pot staring at him.

He splurt out water from his, ‘oh so lust full and lovely mouth’, on noticing my presence. 

Cute, I know. 

But not enough, I know that too. 

He didn’t say, what I expected, and I don’t think I kept up to his expectations. 

Even, I know. But this is no game. 

His stares and the longing in his eyes, sent tingles down my spine, and made me jump, but his silence made me drown.

 Lot of things unsaid and undone, again.  

Patience being tested, efforts measured.

 His smile optimistic, with a million beautiful, love full, promises. Will they be kept?

Is there a future for US?

Our eyes meet, often. But when will our hearts? .

Aishwarya Singh. 

Friends, not Family…

It is only when you’re sad, that you realize how lonly you are.

No matter how many friends you have, no matter how popular you are, when you’re sad , you’re alone.

Why is that? 

The so called friends who are supposed to understand you at all times, no matter how true they are, they just can’t make out you how you feel, they don’t realize you need them. When you need them the most. 

Why is that?

Tears with a smile don’t mean they are of joy.                       When will people learn appearances can be deceptive. 

When will they? 

When will, they stop taking people by their words and look for how they actually feel.

When will they?
 Gathered noises fill the arena but, sad equity fills my mind and all I can think of is, where are my friends? 

Where are they,  when I need them the most.

I guess that’s why they are called  ‘Friends’ and not ‘Family’

-Aishwarya Singh