if YOU were MINE. If…

I know that I can love you better.

I know that…

I will wake and live for you

I wil be for and from you.

My smile will be only because of You. 

My eyes will only search and see you.

My body will only crave you. Your touch. 

You shall be the soul to my body. 

The beat to my heart.

You shall be the being to my human.

You shall and will be my everything 

Only, just only 

If you were mine.

I would be your’s – body mind heart and soul. 

Yours completely. 

Yours in everyway. 


-Aishwarya Singh 

Your eyes make mine twinkle. 

Your breath, pours life into me. 

Your smile, makes everything brighter and sweeter.

The sight of you, makes everything happier. 

The very presence of you, makes earth a celestial paradise. 


Yeah You. 

I’m in LOVE with YOU. 

– Aishwarya Singh 

One breath●🍃

One breath,

                     JUST ONE.

And evrything turns from chaos to peace and serenity.  

All the pain and all the cries dissappear. 

Hush,………………….all arround. 

No fear, no wonder.

Nothing, ………………..all arround. 

One breath,

                       JUST ONE.

And, Life Becomes Death.



The absence, nature.

Cool wind whips through my smiling face.   Greenery all arround soothes my sight.  Sky above enjoys the drop down.  Clouds,  each unique and busy depicting an emotion, a thought.  The birds’ chirping, bring a musical delight and wonder into lives.  Animals arround distill comapssion and unity.  Trees and there leaves sway with joy and bring happiness to the eye. 

 And… my mind drifts into the absent.  It drifts into the absence,  of all of the above in my daily life.

Do you experience and enjoy at least one of the above in your daily life?

-Aishwarya Singh. 

For once, but never.

For once. 

For once, there was mutuality between our feelings for  each other.

For once, my love, loved me, solely. For once, I could be myself and be loved.

For once,  I felt, I had found my everything, my happiness.

For once, everything was on track.


My life , derailed. Our hearts met, but we couldn’t. 

Fate, itseems. 

Separated from society or fear from within. 


Never did we know, our destiny was away from eachother. 

– Aishwarya Singh