Unsaid LOve

Today, she entered the gate thinking of a fresh brand new start, with a touch of elegance and simplicity to her behaviour and appearance. Happy day it seemed to be, she took a few steps ahead and reached the building where she spends most of her time…there were many faces ,some familiar and some not, she walked past smiling at everyone and also did receive a few smiles but not as bright as her own.

She took the stairwell and had a peaceful appearance as if everything was going great in her life,but it was not as it seemed to be for behind that peace was her anxious and desperate mind and heart searching for him as she climbed every step….her eyes swiftly moving over every single guy but not stopping at any for she was searching for he.

   He who had made her stop and stare at the first sight,then it was just another mere attraction, a trifle thing in the corner of her heart but then as time passed by,as she saw him everyday…a mere attraction developed into affection and today it is love. There was something in him which made- her heart beat faster ,her eyes brighter, her smile wider,her life more meaningful. She could see her entire world in his eyes…how she would die to have a glance at him,though far from her he was ,she felt him close to her heart. His every action,his every move,made her heart throb. Every five minutes of an hour he would come out to the lobby and she would run to see him,she would look at him from above with love that would satisfy the needs of the entire world.For those five minutes,she would not budge,she would not waste a single moment looking away from him….he too would stare at her ,they both would stare at each other from a distance.If a stranger would see them ,he would surely mistake them to be lovers,longing to embrace each other in their arms.She knew not much about him,but she understood him,though she only got distant glances of him,she could master his sketch, she could predict his mood by his walk,she could read his mind by his look.He had made her fall in too deep. She was in love…..un spoken,un heard LOVE.

 As she climbed further,she realized that he had not yet come,she felt a pinch of pain in her heart for she could not see him.As she reached her classroom,she stood at the door lost in thoughts,she could not forget what she had seen yesterday,all her memories from yesterday were hurting her a lot,because yesterday her heart broke,her smile disappeared,her life became meaningless for she saw him,her love in the arms of another lady,all the love and attention which she wanted to give him was given to him by someone else,seeing her love being loved by someone else shattered her……she though then, was she not worth him?,was her beauty not enough,was there not love in her eyes for him?all these days did he stare at her for no reason!,why did his eyes search for her when he already belonged to someone else?……,all these questions and many more stormed her mind as she witnessed him being loved,as she witnessed his happiness with out her…she stood there as he walked away with the other female,tear drops trickled down her cheeks,her heart suffered an excruciating pain…never had she experienced so much pain without any physical illness or injury…….she felt as though her very being was erased from this world.He drifted away from her and she remained in pitch darkness. She remained still for a moment or two and decided that she would not chase him anymore for- he belonged to someone else,maybe he was not meant to be,she was unworthy of his love,….she decide to let him be, she decide to let him go,she assumed, she would be able to do so.With scars on her heart and the dreadful,heartbreaking image in her mind she had walked away and out of that building and hoped to walk out of his life.”hey!”, a voice from behind ,interrupted her thoughts ,she turned back ,it was a friend ,she wished him back ,then walked towards the lobby and stood there wanting to see him.

  Today she hoped to start a new day without him…..but was dragged back to where it all started………will ……should she forget and move on?…..or should she confess her love?….


-Aishwarya Singh

5 thoughts on “Unsaid LOve

  1. It’s just a fantasy at ur age when u have everything u want!!! As u age u will understand the REAL LIFE and come out of this REEL LIFE!!!!😂


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