I am me.

I am me.

I am crazy at times.

I am insane at times.

Maybe I am the most sane person you’ve ever met.

I am a nightmare for some.

I am a daydream for the rest.

I am an adult with a kid hidden within me.

I am mature, or maybe immature.

I am not bad, maybe I’m evil.

I am the best, or I maybe the worst.

I am innocent, or maybe I am the most cunning of all.

I am the most talented, or maybe I am dumb.

I am the prettiest/most handsome, or maybe I am the ugliest at times.

I am funny or maybe not.

I am happy now, maybe I’ll be sad latter.

I maybe interesting ,or maybe boring at times.

I am healthy,I maybe ill.

I am rich today, maybe I’ll be poor tomorrow.

Whatever I maybe,however I maybe, I am me.

You want me?…….You have to like ME.

You like one half of me ,Like the other half too,

You like me in good times,Like me in bad times too

For –

-I cannot sacrifice a part of ME for your sake,

-I am always me, in good or bad times.

Love the entire me,Love me always  or walk away from me.

I am me.

I AM ME , and that is a FACT.


-Aishwarya Singh


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