Dance?…..Why not!

Dance is creativity.

Dance is passion.

Dance is emotion.

Dance is pleasure.

At times dance can speak the words of the heart.

Dance is anger.

Dance is sorrow.

Dance is a vengeance.

Dance is a life story.

At times dance can tell you everything about a person.

Dance is expression.

Dance is love .

Dance is joy.

Dance is an art.

At times dance can bring out wondrous,never seen, hidden colors of a person.

Dance is inspiration.

Dance is imagination.

Dance is attitude.

Dance is education.

At times dance can introduce you to your true self.

Dance is wonderful,beautiful,magical,mystical.

Dance to laugh.

Dance to be happy.

Dance to showoff.

Dance to avenge.

Dance to win..

Dance to be you.

And in the words of the many…….dance to express not to impress.

Dance alone.

Dance with someone.

Dance for someone.

Dance before someone.

Just dance,you don’t need a reason to dance.

Listen to the beat, catch the rhythm , tap your feet and get on dancing…!


-Aishwarya Singh.

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