A ‘blossom’,in ‘drought’.A ‘fear’ of ‘doubt’•

He came into my life from nowhere, made  me feel special, made me feel wanted. A blossom in a dry tree , he was.
     Why did he appear in the dilemma of my life?…why did he make me feel alive?
…….I do not know.
The way he responds, he is the sweetest man on earth, if my sense are not wrong. His appearance, he be the most handsome in tge universe, if i don’t hallucinate.
       He thinks I am the one, if my heart is not wrong mistaken.
Will he feel the same always?
‘What if he doesn’t?’the thought frightens me.
        I restrain from opening up to he,for I am sacred .”What if he abandons me in a deserted place with no ray of love, no ray of joy?”.
‘What if he proposes?’ My heart fears the thought of it, for I do not know how to respond.
          I do not know what to feel, for my joy is restricted by the fear of being destroyed.
image .

Aishwarya Singh


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