“That’s life.”

Girlfriends come and go.
Boyfriends come and go.
You get used to heart breaks.
Slowly tears stop rolling out of your eyes.
You become materialistic.
You stop putting your heart and soul into the relationship.
Significantly you start thinking of relationships as a mere commitment.
You think of your partner as a backup plan ( just in case, you don’t do well on your own )
Don’t blame yourself 
“that’s life!” And that’s how it rolls.
But one day..
You will realise true love.
That day,the relationship will mean the world to you.
That day,your partner “will be your life” and not a part of it or a backup plan.
Till then…
You’ll just have to keep trying and wait for that “happy realization “.
“That’s life!”.


Aishwarya Singh


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