Stories Scribbled on Sunday…#5.

#5 Ethics Are So Weird :/
These ethics are so weird.
First they teach us to tell the truth and when we actually do , For example:
1) during a lecture your professor seemingly strict in nature asks you if you are sleepy, you being ‘ethical’ tell the ‘truth’, “Yes” , what do u get in return!, he insults you,scolds you, calls you ‘unethical’ and asks you to get out of the class >_<.
             Another Example…
2) The most annoying person known to you, approaches you and requests you to comment on his/her personality,  you being ‘ethical’ simply tell the truth, ” You have an annoying personality” , and the result – that person annouces you to be rude, insensitive,  stone hearted,  virtueless and ‘unethical’ and walks away.
                   Get my point!?
Why teach us ethics when, we are insulted when we actually follow them.
These ethics are so weird.
First they teach us to be obidient and respect the golden words of our elders and when we actually do , for example
1) as children we are asked by our elders to be expressive, cheerful, bubbly all the time, we are asked to think out side the box and explore, we are taught to be adamant with our views and a lot of other stuff. We being ‘ethical’ and ‘obidient’ follow the same as we grow. Result-the same elders ask us to temper our behaviour, to change our point of view, to supress our expressions and emotions and also call us ‘unethical’ in short they tell us to be the exact opposite of what they wanted us to be as children.

  What in the friggin hell do they actually want us to do!?
                   Get my point!?
  My theory..from the above examples and my own experiences is..
“By strictly following ethics you become unethical”
    “Virtues are for the virtueless”
     “Ethics are for the unethical”

These ethics are indeed very weird!:/


Aishwarya Singh
#sarcasm #contradiction #funny


2 thoughts on “Stories Scribbled on Sunday…#5.

  1. Great point! This happens to me a lot. I do something ethical and then proceed to get punished for it somehow.

    Life is full of contradictions, and not only in ethics. You’ll run into them everywhere. For example, and I don’t know if you’ve read it, but I wrote a poem about some of the contradictions we see in life.

    We see contradictory behavior and messages everywhere, especially with our leadership, no matter which country you’re currently living in or which popular religion you follow.

    So what do you do? How are you to act?

    I think that’s up to you to decide. As a responsible, free-thinking, independent person, I trust you’ll come to make the right decision for you on how to treat others.

    By the way, and I forgot where I heard this, but do you notice how parents celebrate their babies’ first words and first steps, and then spend the next so many years telling their kids to sit down and shut up? Contradiction, baby! 😉

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