Your present lost in the mysts of past?….BRING IT BACK!

My sound sleep is disturbed by the past cries and screams.
My present contact is lost by the past heartbreaks.
My present hopes seen fading in the past disappointments.
My present potential ideas overlooked by my past faliures.
My present confidence diminished in the past insults and embarrassments.
My present love hampered by my past hatred.
My present praises overcome by the past taunts.
My present happiness burried by my past depression.
        My past clinging on to my present.
       My past on the verge of destroying
                           my present .
     The fear of loosing my present in the
         mysts of past , haunts me today.
             My past frightens me today.
My past may frighten me today..
I will not let my past frighten me tomorrow.
              I will fight, I will forget.
                    I will overcome.
          I will look past “the past”.
I will search for the present and
will discover  beauty in it.

                               I will.

Darkest night , a glowing hope.




Aishwarya Singh


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