Why is it that, we change & not EVOLVE?..

Why is it, that  the cutest and the most innocent baby boy, after a few years…
is found imprisoned with a dreadful scar on his fierce face..?
Why is it, that the most protected baby girl,the most obidient of all,after a few years….is found on the road with no sign of sobriety ..?

When we are kids :
we are adorable,
we are cute,
we are lovable to the eyes of all,
all that we do, only and always has a sweet consequece and is a pleasure to watch.

  As we grow, we EVOLVE change.
  The atmosphere we create arround us changes us.
Our acts, our thoughts mold us into who we are today.
Who we are today is quite different from who we were.


Aishwarya Singh


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