Never Can 2 be ONE…

A thought…
      There are many people i this world, each different and each living a different life.
        A belief ,  that you and your loved ones share and live the same life, but that belief was never true. Guess never will be…
    You have your own problems to solve, your own priorities, your own promises to live up to and so do the rest you love.
    You do not know and share everything of the one you love and vice versa . You never did and guess never will.
    You may not know a single person who know’s you in and out, who knows
-all your secrets
-all your strengths
-all your weaknesses
-all of you.
      You are different and so is your life. No 2 people or more can share the same life.
  No 2 hearts can beat the same for they began to beat at different times.
  No 2 brains can work the same for they were not taught the same.
No two people can have the exact same feelings, for you were hurt differently,  loved differentlyand are different from he or she.
  You may feel that two people are alike and the same in all aspects and so on…
     But do remember –
-2 people can like the same object/person for different reasons.
-a same response can be developed due to different stimuli.
                   Never can 2 be 1



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