I know I’m not the prettiest of all.
I know I’m not flawless.
I know I get drunk and get crazy doing all the don’tS.
I know I am not all that elegant.
I know I’m not perfect.
You left in peace….
                               …..leaving me in pieces.
           BUT I ALSO KNOW..
I know what I am.
I know I’m deserving.
I know I have moments when I’m the Best.
I know I have a heart with lots of love.
I know I have brains with atleast a little wisdom.
        AND MAYBE
        THATS’S WHY ..
I peacefully walk into lives….
……..and bring all the scattered  pieces back together forming a brilliant picture.
              Telling a great story.
           AND THATS’S WHY
           I DESERVE BETTER.


Aishwarya Singh


40 thoughts on “I Know…..AND THATS’S WHY…

  1. There is power in your spirit which comes through in the power of your writing. May you and those who read your words be equally blessed. Thanks for stopping by hisnamebpraised and following the site. Blessings in His Name. Doug

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  2. OMG!
    Your this poem is better than “love is a confusion”
    I think, no one is perfect and never can be.
    So that’s doesn’t matter to think I am perfect or not in entire life. But, one thing can give you feeling of perfectness that is your work and your struggle.
    Everyone deserve everything but, when they don’t quit and loose with himself before other lose them.

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  3. A perfect partner is a myth. Those who expect you to be perfect, give them a huge smile … Imperfections makes life more beautiful and worthwhile.. And the best line u said. U peacefully walk in to the lives and bring the broken pieces together. Wow. Loved loved loved it.

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