Never Be An Open Book To Anybody.

     Never Be An Open Book To Anybody .
Never be an open book to anybody, even to the ones you love and trust the most.
.. you never know the cause for their love
.. you never know the cause for their being in your life.
You never know, reading those few pages which were always hidden from their sight may, change their conception, that may change them.
And the change may or may not favour you.
      Never Be An Open Book To Anybody.
You, are a book filled with a diversity of many pages written by different people in different handwritings which convey different meanings, potray different characters and initiate different thoughts and are meant to be liked by different people.
And just maybe..
            JUST MAYBE..
All people may not like all the pages of you.
    Never Be An Open Book To Anybody.
People often give away books or just let them lie there in the dark once they are done reading it.
People like continuing mystery, people like   interesting books, they like the unpredictable.
Once they know the end of the book, the end core of you, nothing remains mysterious,  nothing remains interesting and everything becomes predictable.
And people may not find the book, the you, to be fun anymore.
       Never Be An Open Book To Anybody.
It is always good to have a few pages hidden, it is always good to have secrets.
Never reveal the pages which are the actual you, the real you.
Once a person reads the entire book of you, once he/she knows you in and out, he/she in a way gains ownership, he/she becomes entitled to publicise the book, the way he/she wants, he/she may even scribble on a few pages or tear a few pages from the book of you.
And then, you will no longer be you.
Just make sure..
                    .. nobody own you.
                    ..nobody reads the entire you.
       Never Be An Open Book To Anybody.


Aishwarya Singh

68 thoughts on “Never Be An Open Book To Anybody.

  1. Hmmmm, interesting. I like this post because you have a sense of self protection. I know what that’s like, although honestly…I like to be an open book to people. I realize that sometimes that may be too much for them, but that is me, and I love me.

    Perhaps there is someone out there who doesn’t judge, and doesn’t take advantage when they know the “true” you or me. I’m looking for that person too. Thanks for this.

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    1. You are most welcom.
      To tell the truth, I am very much expressive myself but you can call it a late realization, I have stopped being too open.
      Well everyone’s in the search of that one who’ll love them for who they are right!?- me too.
      And good luck in finding that person<3


  2. I taught my children as they grew that the story they tell people about themselves is a key that unlocks great lovers and great enemies. Never give someone a roadmap and specific directions on how to destroy your inner self. ❤ great work. HA!

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  3. My girl Waco would agree with you. I am quite the opposite. It’s interesting: In order for her to trust someone, they had to be completely transparent. I suspect the same may happen with you – for you to not fear being left in the dark, someone might have to be so transparent you can allow them to see you.

    Great thoughts.

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  4. Just dropped in to thank you for the follow on Pensitivity101. Glad to meet you and have you aboard. Hope to hear from you in the comments occasionally. I love feedback and interaction.
    Liked this perpective by the way. Goes in hand with wearing your heart on your sleeve. Take care.

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  5. Wow! You had my attention with the title. Then the verse just flowed. You have quite a gift for poetry and probably any writing you do. The photographs are awesome too!! Please don’t stop!


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