Life goes on..

      When the people you love leave you.
                     You love life less.
                         Life goes on.
                         You  move on.
….the day you realize how far you have come.
….the day you realize how much you have moved on.
           We learn to live with the past.
  With time, we learn to let go of the past.
                      The irony is…
….  The human nature,which overcomes anything and everything
…..The human will to survive.
              What we fail to realize is-
             -We love for us to live
             -We don’t live for us to love.
       – We love again and again to go on,
                            to move on
       -We do not move on, to love.
                  Harsh Reality,
We are human and love is just another need we satisfy.
We are human and for us love is nothing but just another craving.
                 We fall, we get up.
              We cling, the hold breaks,
we find another something to cling on to.
               If something brakes us,
  we find another something to make us.
                      Life goes on.
                      You move on.


Aishwarya Singh


44 thoughts on “Life goes on..

  1. For me love is eternal . we move on . yes. But some memories do haunt us at some point of time . because memories created out of love ,just like love is eternal. But yeah we should learn to let go of past and see the brighter side of life

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  2. Life is a cycle of hurdles, which we cannot stop overcoming, one after the other, in order to live the beauty in between! I totally agree with you … when something breaks us we have to find something else to cling to to keep existing 🙂 Thanks for the lovely reads and thank you also for following my blog ❤

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