Rejection is a blessing in disguise.
Rejection makes you rebel and revolt, it teaches to not be submissive.
Rejection helps you correct yourself.
Rejection helps you get better.

         Rejection in life is common.
  Rejection is experienced by everyone .
Rejection is not meant to break you.
Rejection is meant to make you, stronger.
Rejection is not meant to crush your dreams.
Rejectio  should boost your will, to achieve your dreams and prove yourself to the world.

         Rejection is a blessing in disguise.
All you have to do is
keep your mind in control, body strong       and have faith in yourself.
If you believe in yourself others will have to too.
If you are strong then let alone rejection even the almighty cannot break you.

                  YOU BELIEVE
                YOU ARE BELIEVED
                       YOU INSPIRE
                          YOU LEAD
                           YOU LIVE




28 thoughts on “Rejection…?

  1. Never let the rejection stop you from living your dream. Jk Rowling books were rejected multiple times before she could publish harry potter book which is of course one of the best seller. Just an example. But yeah again loved your post.

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  2. According to Leonard Cohen in Hallelujah, the almighty can always break us. Love hurts so bad, and as Bob Seger says, when you got a heartache, “there ain’t nothin you can do.” Other forms of rejection, though, we have to figure out what to correct and what to rebel against, and that’s the hard part. Though it is no consolation to a true poet, we love your work, and your photography is gorgeous!

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  3. I love your Rejection poem and the thoughts expressed with the downside and the upside – it IS a blessing in disguise. So often we can become fixated on what WE think should be ours, but life doesn’t always give us what we want but what is best for us, and in getting us to there, we sometimes encounter rejection as that change in our path.

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      1. Speaking from similar experiences, I guess. It’s usually not a joyful experience for us but one that teaches us so much, and so it is an essential growing lesson. Except we tend to feel more blessed in hindsight, right? As it’s happening, the hurt inside can cut so deep, and we wonder why does this have to be like this….

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