Though you say you fall in love with her everytime you see her.
Though your day starts and ends with her smile.
Though you hug her like your heart would stop beating if it did not sense the presence her heart beat.
Though you tell her you love her more than anybody ever would.
Though you satisfy all her cravings and wants.
Though you would do anything to keep her yours and happy.

Though you do everything anyone ever can..
She will not love you most.
She will not sense  new galaxies evertime you kiss her.
She will not feel revival every time you hug her.
She will never be truly your’s from both body and soul.
She will never be satisfied.
She is not ME.
     Me who love’s you more than myself.
     Me who loved you to hurt myself and
     let go.
     Me who love’s you to prioritize you
     before me.
     Me who would do anything to be truly
     your’s .
     Me who is satisfied with a single smile
     on your heavenly face.
     Me who’s heart beats only with your
     Me who’s life sets in your eyes.
                   She is not me.
                   Never will be.
                  Maybe the way
               You will never realize.
                 Maybe the way
              You will never be mine.
                 Maybe the way
    No one will ever love you more than me.
      Though you lover her most she won’t
           I already do, and will always



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