Stories Scribbled On Sunday#9

A friend best friendย  (BFF) I thought she was but when the time came to test the reality..
All she did was:
Turn around and leave.
Insult in silence.
Hurt and pretend to be hurt.
Smile to my face and stab to my back.
A friend best friend I thought she was.



40 thoughts on “Stories Scribbled On Sunday#9

  1. People drift in and out of our lives. There is supposed to be a “season and reason”, but sometimes people don’t pay attention to that quote and just blatantly crash through life, trying to destroy everything in their path to make them look superior. Thankfully, you are above all that. But I know, it still hurts.


      1. I know you will, but it takes time, especially when you don’t know what happened. Continue to pour your heart and soul into your writing. Let your creativity set you free!


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