The New Beginning…to me?

                    A sky full of stars
                  Eyes full of dreams
                  Heart full of hopes
              And a mind full of goals.
      With all the above and much more I  
         walk into a new life, a new era.
               A life of self worship.
             A life not based on a he
    I walk in to Rejuvenation , a Revolution .
            I walk into the Era of me.


36 thoughts on “The New Beginning…to me?

  1. Yes!
    A new beginning , but why that question mark?
    I understand the undergoing.
    I browsed your blog the day you put your follow but could not respond as I was tied up with….
    I read them in a hurry.
    I shall definitely read them.
    I understand what’s going.
    Its the positivity that fetches.

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      1. Don’t you get ever scared my Dear!
        Its a long way to go.
        There shall be so many on your path to hold your finger.
        To show which way to go.
        Who shall Love you the MOST.
        Then shall not come your rejection.
        But at the time your proper response is of importance.
        Start LOVING again.
        There is no END to LOVE.
        I am concerned about YOU, may be I shall tell you some other time.


  2. Yes, it is true, that more learning of self and human nature takes place while one is single. Reason, of course is that people and relationships tend to define us, limit us. I understand. Be careful along the way to be kind to those you meet (as if you wouldn’t, lol). Enjoy the journey. Don’t be fooled by the drama of regret. Peace, sincerely; MAO

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      1. To worship ourselves, or to realize our defects and become better every day while loving ourselves enough to take care of ourselves? Worship is a heavy duty deal. Why not either worship God or not worship at all?

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