Just a few lines…#10

Opposites attract.
Do they live happily ever after ?


33 thoughts on “Just a few lines…#10

  1. There are different kinds of opposites. Couples could be friends regarding the first principles, and complementary regarding the less important things, as the body and economic functions. Opposites that have this reversed might have trouble, but who knows? There are probably many ways the human same and different works, and the heart is in the middle!.

    Left and right appear opposite in a mirror, but high and low, earth and sky, do not. The why, well, that takes some thinkin’ on! Good to hear from you again..

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    1. Well it is some thing to think about.
      There are two opposites
      1) who do the same thing differently for a purose
      2)who do complete different things to achieve the same
      And the latter could be troublesome.
      Well and it can be nighmare to the couples to be among the latter.
      And I am happy you were glad to hear from me again^_^


  2. Yes, they can. The trick is to respect each other’s differences; give space to each other’s needs and share and appreciate the harmony they bring to each other. Opposites left alone can usually find balance but it is the other external factors that convince each side that they have given up/ compromised too much for the other.

    My two cents

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  3. Well! I guess somewhere we all are opposites, somehow a lot similar too. Whatever the nature of attraction be, as long as there is understanding, patience and love existing in both the parties, togetherness is imperative ๐Ÿ™‚

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