Love online?

               Unseen Unheard Unspoken
                     Words of concern.
                  Symbols of affection .
                 Pauses of desperation .
                 Dots dark and gloomy.
            Exclamations bright and happy.
       Font’s pretty and accents beautiful.
       Commas and unended sentences like,    your life stopping somewhere unintended.
  Lost in making words of love, seperated
   from the present, the past, the future.
  Letters of heart beat travel millions of
       miles only to whisper in your ears.
   Words here, express the unexpressable.
     Words speak what our voices fail to.
         Letters put our heart in words.

                 AND WHO SAYS??


21 thoughts on “Love online?

  1. Aish! This was beautiful! In my humble opinion, I feel like love CAN happen online, altho I speak from experience that it can because it did happen for me once or twice, a long time ago. We fall for people we feel connected to and who understand us, but most importantly, whose words cause us to reflect on ourselves. This is one of those posts.

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    1. I am glad I could help refresh your memories! ^_^
      It was for people who actually have known eachother online and are together now, few of my friends
      So it can it actually can^_^
      But there are negetive too though:'(

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  2. There’s something about your beautiful, optimistic poem which says to me: ‘life is weird’. I met my wife just after she started online dating. But we didn’t meet on line – we got together at a friend’s wedding. She was seriously pissed because she’d just paid the fees. We married a month later.That was thirty-eight years ago, and I still can’t think of a good reason she should leave me. She tells me she stays because I do all the cooking. Fate, that’s what does all the dealing. You never know when, you never know how.

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    1. True very true!
      I cannot express how happy I am to know your story
      Such a couple❤…one in a million
      I hope I too one day will able to tell my story like that!
      I’ll pray you guys stay the same infact with greater love till eternity!
      Means a lot, that you cared to share story.
      Thank you so very much!

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