I am a girl.

‘I am a Girl’ ,which I had written a few months back.
Since it is Women’s day, I would love for all of you to read it.</e
I am a girl also means I am a woman.
Proudto be a woman!
Do share your thoughts and feedbacks in the comment box.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

To all those women out there, surviving the harsh realities and still striving to make a difference, to leave a mark
I salute you, all!
We are a blessing
We almost run the world.
Proud to be a WOMAN.
Happy Woman's Day!

Aurum Words...

A Tuesday night,8:35 pm in the year of 1999….a deep and painful cry, heard in the maternity ward of the  hospital.A child was born ,you would think that the surroundings would be rejoicing but the actual scenario was quite different from your perception,there was silence after that cry of the mother,no sound of joy but the gloomy silence had clouded the entire surroundings .For the child was a girl and that was her only sin.

The mother lay on the bed with no sign of joy on her face though she had,a few moments ago given birth to most beautiful child for she had given birth to a girl.She considered giving birth to a girl as a sin.”had she forgotten that she herself was a women a girl, did she not know the worth a of female, did she have no feelings of motherhood, did her conscience not prick her…

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8 thoughts on “I am a girl.

  1. For all the violence consumed about her, for all the humiliation he suffered, for his body that you have taken advantage, for his intelligence you have stepped on to the ‘ignorance in which’ you have left, for the freedom that you have denied, for the mouth that you have plugged, for which you have clipped its wings, for all this: standing up, gentlemen, in front of a woman!
    William Shakespeare

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