This life is full of unreal.
                  The world is unreal.
    Fake and pretence covers the reality.
             Truth lies hidden in lies.
    Pretentious love patches over the hate.
               Hate screens the love.
         Assailants guarded by victims.
   Victims stamped over by assailants.
    Here, truth is bitter and sweet is lies.
        Friendship makes competition and  
                    revenge unseen.
     Afairs form the baisis of marriage.
     Here, even motherhood is cheated.
      Flirt smoothens harsh conversations.
      Loud voices beat a better argument.
  Here, backstabbing takes you heights,
                       not loyalty.
  Here, there is no help, only favours which
                 ought to be returned.
            People here win to defeat.
      Here, even hearts are controlled by
     Fame, popularity and arrogance kills.
Modesty and humbleness mean, bekilled.
             This life is full of unreal.    
《                       UNREAL                         》



21 thoughts on “UNreal.

  1. The line “sweet is lies” and “people win here to defeat” -simply brilliant. I loved this whole piece of work. Great insight on life -just change your views to not live this way -never like those who betray to have.

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  2. I find it difficult to make this comment because of all who visit you here, I might be considered one of the most cynical. But, no matter what the provocation, it is so important not to become bitter: there is real nobility out there, real heroism, real love. The trouble with the real, however, is its silence. It does not bawl a message from the rooftops or crow its selfless gifts to a voracious media. It just goes on quietly doing good; and you may find it there, among the richer grasses, if you do but look.

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