This night, has a story to tell.

This night, I lay, crying my heart out.
Tears everywhere, they know no bounds.
Heart, hurting and aching.
Sobbing everywhere with an evil smile mocking over and over.
I have been hurt and wounded over and over.
I am devoid of love.
I am devoid of safety.
I wish I could run to love and safety.
But I know not a soul to who I can go.

When, even the very treasure house of love and sfety, the mother, enveloped in who’s arms one feels safe even at the doorwayto hell, lies in a pool of tears.
She lies unsafe and untended.
I sob, she does too.
Fear, pain and lack of love, brings tears of mutuality in both our eyes.

Happy souls, people say.
We are happy, I too say.
But, souls weep and cry as moments pass away.
Tears could fill an ocean, if gathered.
Tears could tell a tragic epic if were ever heard.
Tears could burn that evil soul into ashes if were asked to avenge.
Tears, could do alot, let alone sober our eyes.
Tears could do many things people say, but didn’t, I say.

Iwant to wipe her tears.
I want to protect her and be her staff.
I want to fight.
I want to hope.
I want to.
I want to, I truly do.

But I am helpless, I am but a poor mortal who can bear only so much.
I have suffered.
My tears have washed my wounds
My wounds have become sore and my scars have deepened.
I have nothing more left in me to be hurt, to be destroyed.
I am devoid of everything.
I have no one who can love.
I have no one who can protect.

Will I ever be safe and loved. Will I? Will I ever?.
Will I ever love and protect. Will I? Will I ever?



43 thoughts on “This night, has a story to tell.

      1. There is no person who hasn’t got hurt in love .but because if that if u do not move forward u will lose the amazing gift offered by life. Increase ur acceptance level my dear. Any relationship is an art . u will eventually have to learn to handle it. Every thing will be good. There is no hurry to make decisions

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  1. i can relate so much…
    i was the same yesterday…

    dear, keep hope, keep going, it’ll all be well. now’s not your time, but it will come, yes, it will.
    just breathe. and keep smiling at her. let her know you’re always there.
    may god be with you, and your mum. good times arent far behind.

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    1. That hope, is the only thing keeping me on. My friend too said the same, and you guys are right, maybe now is not my time and it’s yet to come.
      Thank you for the concern and your kind words.
      You said you were the same yesterday, I hope your alright now, take care and I am sure everything will be alright very soon in your life too.

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  2. Yes you will…. have faith in yourself. Look around. There isnt just one, there are many people. Talk to them. And, smile. Everything will be so much better.

    But, i must say, beautifully written. :)) ❀

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  3. We cry, we laugh, we dance and sometimes we stand still. Let the tears flow and help the healing process but we must move on to laugh again. After dark, comes day light….Hope. Your post inspired this few lines…lovely.

    On 3/14/16, An insight to my thoughts and experiences.

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  4. Humans have evolved in a way that they can’t live without love. You are always welcome to love and to be loved hence don’t have such misconceptions. Yes people get hurt in love. Their heart bleeds profusely but dont let the blood clot. Which means dont give up hope in love. Their is always someone in your life my dear who is mad to prove his love for you. The day you find him, you wont feel inferior but feel that you are special to someone. This is what i feel is true love ❀ πŸ™‚

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