Maybe we weren’t meant to be. “Maybe not.”

I know  it’s been years.
I know it’s all in the past and you don’t even remember.
I know you don’t care.
My heart still aches to know that you were never mine.
It hurts, when un – intended tears roll out, when I often loose myself in the thoughts  I once had for you.
Maybe have.
My heart aches, when I am reminded that I was so a trifle in your life and you were my universe.
Die I would for a smile on your face, when you would hurt me to bring a smile on another.
It aches to realize that.

Maybe it’s a long time ago, but some wounds leave scars that never let you forget the pain.

And, maybe that’s why… heart still thumps when you cross by. lips forget to smile when they see you. hand becomes numb when they have to wave back. feet are on a race when we cross each other’s paths.

Maybe that’s why our paths cross so often, for our hearts never did.

And all I can do is, comfort my little heart by saying  “I guess we were never meant to be” .

Aishwarya Singh

47 thoughts on “Maybe we weren’t meant to be. “Maybe not.”

      1. Yeah actually I am really sorry Aishwarya.. actually I was on a WP break for 2 months when you followed my blog and I am really really sorry I couldn’t respond immediately. 😘😀

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      1. I actually am. But I do keep trying to get better and better everyday so that he know what he lost and regrets.
        But again,that is again letting him control me in some way but I guess I’ll get over that too with time.
        But it doesn’t hurt that much now.

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  1. Your post is very touching. I don’t know you much but still by reading your words it seemed that your emotions really touched my heart like a breeze. Thats amazing and i loved it very much.

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