Stories Scribbled on Sunday #11

How I wish I had never looked in his eyes.
Curse the day then, when I realised I was lost in his eyes way too deep and now when I wish I could un- meet him.

P.S- Happy Birthday pale face.
I Hope you know I love you way too deep and maybe that’s why, I will never confront you and will always hate you.

Aishwarya Singh


10 thoughts on “Stories Scribbled on Sunday #11

  1. Your love for that fellow and your working through are coming to be of universal significance, from a mere private catastrophe! Of course, he could not appreciate you, but tell him this: As Graham Nash, I think, said of Judy Collins, “Something inside / Is telling me that I’v got your secret. Are you still listening” The lover sees the angel of the one loved, and that is why we are beyond ourselves with it and do not understand. But he will not love anyway, and may as well come back to you, if he can be good and true to you. I hope he is listening, unless he is bad for you. If he is bad to you, tell him we’ll come all the way over there to smack ‘im!

    Thanx for your beautiful poetry.-MM

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