Hey, dad.

Holding his tiny finger I learnt to walk and see the world.
He introduced me to the world and the world to me
His foot prints were my guide
His word was my law
His harsh words brought me back to reality from a world of fantasy.
His concern and care, showed me I was worthy of love too.

His struggle, taught me a lesson of life
His life became my inspiration
His faliure became my experience
His speech made me wise
His pain made me strong
His tolerance gave me patience.
His anger taught me persuasion.
His expectations, taught me to aim and achieve.

He is  mixture of …fire and ice
                             …fierce and love
And what not…..

He was  is a lot more than words could ever express.
He is my dad.

Love you paa♡

Post Script– Hey paa, I know you are strict at times, a perfectionist which kinda annoys me, you have made me cry but also laugh. You have always been there though I hurt you.
Sorry for all the crap you had to tolerate and thanks for all that you have given me and will continue to.
Love you for eternity.


11 thoughts on “Hey, dad.

  1. First of all … thank you so much for following my blog. I am now following you with the greatest of pleasure. Good to have discovered you. Secondly ..
    That is such a wonderful and touching poem to your Dad. Terrific. All the very best. Kris.


    Liked by 1 person

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