Little to say.🍁

Not too long, before my life ends, but there’s a lot left for me to do and say and of course to prove….
Little wishes which I never had the courage to fulfil, for I was not allowed.
Time wished to spend with my loved ones, but never got the chance .
Earn a living, and establish a life with no one’s help before I became a burden.
Show my gratitude before I drowned in debt.
I guess I’ll never have the chance to do all this, for soon, my existence will be erased.
Till then I wish to live, though not allowed to.
Just glad, for I am still able to smile and look happy.



11 thoughts on “Little to say.🍁

  1. This is something I never new about you Aishwarya. I always felt you’re the most happiest and enthusiastic girl I’ve ever met. I could see that. But, through this poetry of yours, I could sense that there’s something you too wish you could.

    Bit I’m sure before you go you’ll do whatever you wished to do.

    Stay blessed๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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