Why begin to end in a dilemma?

              Began with silent stares,
    which later turned into  bright smiles.
                       Hi!   We said,
     which turned into long conversations.
                  Waving at eachother ,
       ended in playingwith eachother.
           I thought we were friends.
      You spoke your heart out to me,
          well atleast seemed like it.
               Hours spent together.
                      Days passed.
                        And now..
            It all feels like a dilemma.
                  WHAT HAPPENED!?




6 thoughts on “Why begin to end in a dilemma?

  1. Part of the journey are those words that we’ve been telling can not give us the assurance. We are dancing through time and singing to the beautiful melody that the heart says is what makes more important. If you feel it then say it!

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      1. Sometimes that happens as how it is started and the dynamics based on communications.
        But, the best thing is how your heart beats and how truly it is. The simplest way of no dilemma is what your heart said is the right choice.
        Are you still on dilemma?

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