Just realize. Just●

I know we are distanced .                                                                      I know, our hearts and thoughts are strayed far from eachother. 


But every time my eyes meet your’s, my heart leaps and bounds to cross any hurdle or distance to meet your’s, to soothe your heart.

You just need to realize…

I can’t sense the reason, for the pain I feel when, you are hurt. It comes down to, I feeling the pain when you get hurt. It reasons down to -my soul residing in your mortal.
You just need to reaize…

It’s been long since you stopped caring and stopped noticing my existence, but the inevitable is the random meets down the aile or the few moments of  breakthroughs when our eyes meet.

You just need to realize…

But the impossible is,  me forgetting you and stop caring for you. For••••          ••though you hurt me again and again. ••though you leave me again and again.

You just need to realize…

I cannot just cannot stop feeling for you, cause I have known you and your true self and I cannot stray from the fact that I loved you and maybe will continue you to.

You just need to realize…

You raise the ordinary to the extraordinary and you were my everything once and even now, affect the essence of my being.

You just need to realize…

So I will care and I will be there, always, till the end of times , if you need me, or not.

You just need to realize…

All you have to do is , realize I’m worth the effort, be it the effort to just ask , all you need to do Is Realize.

All you need to do is realize.




Just realize, you need to make an effort to get up and raise your hand towards the support, if you need one.

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