Will she..?

Will She ever find true love?

For, she’s not like the rest,… bashing eyelashes, dwelling in makeup , flaunting smooth skin and showcasing something one is not.

She is different, she is unique.  No doubt she stands out from the crowd but,… she stands alone.

She is not all that submissive, pliable and ladylike but, she’s  elegant in her own way, beautiful even. She’s an original, never fake. She’s more than just generous and helpful, she’s a godess for one in need, be it the worst enemy.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, she sacrifices all for one without an ounce of expectation.

She’s  …bold, gutsy , out front unlike the rest, who are  ‘Oh so delicate’. But what one fails to realize is, she is more fragile and sensitive than any girl can ever be, but dwels in the fear of being trampled and crushed if show’s  herself to be.                     

 She puts on a show to fight the world, to hold her stance.

She’s on her own, she has a stand, she has.. possessions, principles and priorities but… at the same time she pleads beneath, for love, care, protection and writhes to be possesed and prioritized.

Her smile never fades even when her eyes fill up with pain, her smile is persistent to show  the tears are of joy. None but she know’s they are of pain.

Will she ever find someone to soothe her soul, who’ll be her everything . Will she ever fill that vacancy in her heart and soul?

She seems to be fine, she seems steady and stable .But only she… stumbles, falls, bruises and gets up for the process to continue. She’s a staff to many will she ever find her’s? 

Will she ever find true love?

-Aishwarya Singh. 

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