Moments with him #2

Sequel 2.

First sequel being- Moments with him #1.

The wait, was long. Long beyond reckoned.  

But I saw him, he did come.

Not solely for me, but he did. 

Small, formal, witty ,talks exchanged.

 I drowned the tea pot staring at him.

He splurt out water from his, ‘oh so lust full and lovely mouth’, on noticing my presence. 

Cute, I know. 

But not enough, I know that too. 

He didn’t say, what I expected, and I don’t think I kept up to his expectations. 

Even, I know. But this is no game. 

His stares and the longing in his eyes, sent tingles down my spine, and made me jump, but his silence made me drown.

 Lot of things unsaid and undone, again.  

Patience being tested, efforts measured.

 His smile optimistic, with a million beautiful, love full, promises. Will they be kept?

Is there a future for US?

Our eyes meet, often. But when will our hearts? .

Aishwarya Singh. 


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