Moments with him #3 (Dated: 21|09|16)

( Sequel. The first two being, ‘Moments with Him #1 and #2, if you’ve haven’t read them do read all you have to do is visit my blog and scroll down;))

Little did I expect for him to return, even if it was not to see me . Previous effirts of mine, efforts of mineto know Him, for He and I to become ‘US’ went in vain. Restricted was He bound was I. None to blame.

Today, when He walked in, when He became the first sight of my dawn, my gloomy eyes opened with joy, to enjoy the mere sight of him. Wanted to run towards and hug Him, to tell,  ‘I missed You. I think I’ve fallen for You and that’s why I need You.’ , but only breath managed to escape my lips as I stood still and stunned, lost in His magic.

Not content, but his presence was much to light up my gloomy day. His view was ample to quicken the beat of my heart, ample to make me feel alive.

Today, I feel worth, for he made me feel so. Every word from his tempting lips, struck me like a Cupid’s arrow. When he shared his thoughts, his intrests, my inner goddess leaped and embraced him to whisper,  ‘We are meant to be’. My heart and soul dance and swayed to the feel of rhythmof His eyes on my curves. How I wish, I could enjoy the sight of Him viewing my beauty. But, I could only feel it. His eyes dancing on me made me jump. It called to the deep dark desires in me. It called to my souland beyond.


When I turned to witness his eyes on me, why did he have turn away?

 I am bound not Him!

Why doesn’t he try when he wants to?

Why doesn’t he love, when he wants to?

Why do his actions betray his thoughts?

His eyes- a window to his soul, say and do much more than Him. Maybe much more than He ever will. When will he be in unision with his ‘will’ and ‘soul’?. When will ‘He’ and ‘I’ be ‘US’?. When will ‘we’ exist?


Will I continue to dream and hope like this?

-Aishwarya Singh. 


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