Dear Daddy…

Dear Daddy,

If you want me to grow, please don’t bound me to four walls. If you want me to learn, let me take the opportunities, let me make the decision, let me go wrong,  let me go down, let me get up and let me learn to learn again.

Dear Daddy,

If I get hurt now, I know you’ll be there to the heal the wound and soothe the pain, and later I won’t get hurt, even if I do, it won’t pain much and I’ll heal fast. If I don’t get hurt now and if you cage me in protection, maybe now, I’ll be fine but… what then, when yoy are not there?

Dear Daddy, 

If you love me, let me be. Let me be who I am, not what You want me to be. Don’t brake me inorder to make me. Don’t mistake my pleadings to be whims and fancies. Don’t rob me of Me to safe guard what you this is Yours.

Dear Daddy,

Don’t dictate but try and understand. Don’t think too little of me, there is a lot more to me than you reckon. 

Dear Daddy, 

Let me love you, not fear You. Let me live my life the way I want. Let me say and do as I wish. Love me, don’t tame and control me.

Dear Daddy…

– Aishwarya Singh. 


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