Moments with him #4 (Dated: 2|10|2016)

Sequel, the previous ones being- Moments with him #1, #2 and #3

And just as I thought, I had to stop dreaming, hoping, stop everything, as my universe stood at the brink of eruption and destruction , my zombie heart jerked alive. My world and I became alive. He stood there…  right under the moon light, a beacon shining too bright. 

Why does he do this to me?

He makes me a child all over again, crying for attention and love, crying for Him.

He made my lousy heart beat so fast, it were as if it would pop out any time then. 

The way he stole glances of me, set my soul and desire on fire, a fore that’s divine.

After, what seemed like an eternity he came. My heart skipped a beat, my soul reached the seventh heaven. How happy I was. 

Said something, but I was too lost in himto hear his magical words. Stood startled, did I.

He disappeared, even before I could begin to enjoy the sight of Him. 

Went, leaving me desperate, desolate, wanting, craving and needing Him.

Made me happy, showed he cared, lit the torch of hopebut, just a few glances and moments with Him can’t feed my hungry soul.

I would give up the world just to spend time with Him.

My heart refuses to slow down, my eyes denying to stop looking for Him. Searching for Him.

He is my drug and I am addicted.  His hunger leaves me lost.

He came but left too soon and left me fragile and craving.

He, my falling star,whom I awaited foe ages, he did fall lighting my world but dissappeared even before I made my wish.


Desperation and dissatisfaction surrounding Me.

Aishwarya Singh. 


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