There was a time,when they stood by me.

When they defended me. They were for me.

Pulled my leg to make me laugh.

Annoyed and choked to make me cough.

They wore my smile and my tears.

Shared the laughter and the fears.

Back to back, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, steadfast and bolder,

Always stronger together ,forever. 

We were many stiched together.

Different minds honed together for  eachother. 


Laughs were loud, promises formed a cloud which drizzled hopes, happy and proud. 


Time passed.

And now…

They stand but far from me.

Offend and tease to make me cry.

Choke to have me die.

My tears make them smile.

My frustration, their wings to fly.


Promises forgotten and hopes rotten.

Were they my friends or a blunder I had mistaken?

Aishwarya Singh 


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