Moments with him#5

Sequel: The previous ones being- Moments with him#1,#2,#3and#4.

How I wish,we could meet.

To be a part of his life on a great day.

To witness the happiness and joy.

And to know, though trivial, I too was a cause.

To embrace Him, to feel the rythm of his heart, beat. It would be a rainbow slide, straight to paradise.

How I wish, I could tell Him, ‘I love You’.

How,  I want to gift Him Me.

Smiles mock me.

When I come to think, so much to express but only a few words from a distant place managed to reach Him.

How I wish, the hidden feelings and love could reach Him too

They say…

True love can sense even when far, miles apart.


What’s meant to be shall always be.

Are Him and I meant to be?

Only time will tellโ—

-Aishwarya Singh 


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