Moments with Him #6

Sequel. The previous ones being- Moments with him #1, #2,#3,#4and#5

Not to long to have heard his tempting tone.

But forever since I saw Him.

Today he came and I fell again…

For Him.

The silence between,  was no more.

For, the feeling was quaint no more.

Witty talks with flirtatious mocks.

The fog of confusion and the misconception of all being an illusion, finally lifted.

And it all, was no delusion. 

There indeed was something, something special between Him and I.

I was so happy, I could die.


Then, Something happened.

Just when everything was falling into place.

When I finally knew, 

it all, was no delusion.

When moments with Him were turning into something more.

When the chains that held he and I back, were no more.

Not Him not I, but, they

Scattered and shattered all the pieces which were begging to form a happy crisis.

Created a wall, not too tall.

But, just enough to end it all.

Life with Him was a question all along . 


Life brought me to a point, whereI pondered. 


If there’ll be, any more Moments with Him at all?

Will he want me enough to bare it all.

Aishwarya Singh 


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