~《A vengeance》~

Angel I thought.

Angel faced demon were You.

How could I not know?

Not a puppy, but a hound , are You.

With fangs that could kill.
And very well did so.

Caught prey with love as bait.

Not a con, but treachery my fate.

Played my world in your wicked way.

Cheat and destruction your golden sleigh. 

Everything is worth forgiveness but, not your devil’s play.

I shall rise. I shall avenge and for mercy You shall pray●


-Aishwarya Singh 

15 thoughts on “~《A vengeance》~

  1. Good. But you should be working on your grammar , vocab , spelling. ‘Angel’ not angle , for instance. Hey and are you on scratchmysoul.com or tumblr? I think Ive read your work there. Cuz your name sounds familiar. Also I read a few of your posts. I wanted you to feature as an author on my blog. Tell me how you find the idea. Thankyou

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am o Scratchedmysoul.com
      And thanks for the correction, when I made this post, I was in a cab, travelling…and it must have been the auto correct cause even an elementary kid know how to spell ‘angel’ 😂.
      Anyway thanks.
      Well, writing for me is expression.
      It’s art of transforming simple and sometimes miserable moments of life into something beautiful and admirable.


      1. Hey pavithra!
        I would love to feature as an author on your blog. I do some writing too. I’d love to know which blog that is. So if it is a community or something it’ll be just great!
        Just put up your email address or something so i can mail you my work. And you can just go through and tell me if i’m good to go.

        My email id: sagarmahadevan1998@gmail.com



    2. Hey Aishwarya and Sagar.
      Just let me know if the two of you use Instagram. Especially if you operate or handle any poetry/writer account so that we can easily get back to you and stay connected.
      Let me know you’re username in such a case.
      We did try tracking you down on instagram Aishwarya. We’re in need of writers. But there were too many of them and I think I did find a profile similar to you. The major reason we thought you’d fit in is because of your regularity and frequency besides content.

      Nvm. Let us know your ids. And we’ll follow you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure,
        I do have an Instagram account, 2 actually.
        riseabove.all – private account.
        And aurum_writes is the one I think you might be interested in, that’s a public account associated with my literary craze, the posts are mainly quotes though, well, anyway, ping me there amd we can talk^_^
        Again, Thank You very much ♡


  2. Thank you so much pavithra. The Backstory is a great community. I feel so glad to be a part of it . I’ll surely follow the guidelines you inboxed me. I promise to not let you guys down.
    Thanks again


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