Moments with Him #7

Him, just a word, a linker.

For me Him, he,too became a linker.

Linked me to Me and to reality. 

He a mere fantasy. 

Always an impossibility.

Infatuation leading to desperation.

A deadly mix, enough for destruction.

Destruction of a delusion?


Destruction of a faked reputation? 

Whatever it may be,

Heavenly it was. It was boon in disguise. 

Bonds shattered, only to revive.

Stronger, this time.

Tears rained to form rainbow smiles.

Never knew, one’s evil hopes of destruction could bring Me closer to my destination.

He was a curve ball, much needed.

A hurdle turned to a stepping stone.

He was a beautiful experience of evil.

Exasperating but, knowledge, experience and life lessons unravelled. 

-Aishwarya Singh. 

X–Moments with Him ka THE END–X

P.S- All teenage girls have crushes. Yes, not one but many, and simultaneously at times. That’s normal, well, if they don’t then maybe you have something worry about. Anyway, we girls of course are in absolute aww of our crushes but, we would not want to see them happy at the cost of our tears nor would we make any sacrifices for them.Cause…”dude your not the “Love of my life”, you are just a teeny-weeny thing that causes adrenaline rush, just an infatuation. That is all.

 Well, however meaningless  crushes maybe, they are exceptional in bringing out the stupidity in girls. We get all excited and end up embarrassing oursleves for a life time, just  for something that would last a few days. How silly can we get?

Moving on, we have feelings (though they have a dead line) for our so called “Crush” and at times the insanity in us takes over making us cross the line just to express our “ĹÒVÈ” :twisted:.  And we end up doing dumb things and get into trouble. Again , that is  quite normal.

Now, dear boys and men especially the ones with orthodox brains and “bozos”, having a crush or a boyfriend does not make any girl character-less. And by the way, who are you to decide the terms of our life? Having said that, You should get a life!

Dear men and boys, if a girl has feelings for you, if you can’t reciprocate at least respect it, and you can always, politely say no. Now, let me tell you what you can’t do, you cannot insult and humiliate her and her personality, and character just cause she has feelings for you. You have no right to do so. If you do, that just shows how cheap and backward You are. And you deserve hell.

Well, moving on, every girl has a different way of expression some dance some sing , some write, some talk their feelings and emotions out. Since I write I would like to comment on that way of expression. When people write, it maybe based on a true incident or not, maybe they write poems or stories or whatever , they tend to amplify exaggerate the feeling just to make their work more intense, deep and touching. It doesn’t mean that they actually felt all those things . So please stop misinterpreting literary work as something vulgar or anything negative.

(If a girl texts you, it can also be on a friendly note, unless you had something else in mind., if a girl sends you the link to a blog which is public and which any person, anytime can read, it doesn’t mean she is sending you a love letter. And you have no write of accusing her to do so and you are nobody to question her upbringing and character.  And before doing that, question Your character and yeah “Taali dono haaton se bajhthi he” . Well, all I have to say is, You are a Narrow minded, orthodox, evil, Jerk. Have a crappy life. Bye.)-  in reference to an idiot only. 

P.PS- I love my parents and my brother, they are the best ❤❤❤❤


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