forbidden. No more●

Your touch, the sensation, all emotions intensified.My fantasy realised.

My imaginations unveil with your every feel.

…forbidden no more

My entire world unfolds in your eyes.

A world where there are no ties.

…forbidden no more

When you hold me, I know nothing can tear me, nobody can pull me, down. 

Your hold makes me so bold.

…forbidden no more 

In your embrace, no demon can chase. You, my beautiful right mistake.

Your presence alone fills me with so much strength,  no power can entrace. 

…forbidden no more

Your sight my un-ending might.
You are my happiness unbound, even your silence is my sound.

…forbidden no more

In you I find the wild and crazy unleashed which brings sanity to my a mind insane bound and leashed. 

When I am with you, I am so much more.

My soul is forbidden no more.

I am forbidden no more●

~Aishwarya Singh 

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