Behind the elevator doors●

Icy glass rested a steaming torso.

Her heavy breathing filled the confinement. 

When… His solitaire ring struck the metal railing. Filling the silence with a metallic cling.

Their eyes meeting, struck a cord and made the whole world stop.

The doors shut. Hid them aways from all eyes. 

The doors shut, shutting their worlds and all binding ties.

The elevator rose so did their heart beat, as they sprung alive with eyes, that were lightening.

He strode, he leaned, towards her.

She was still.

He lifted her chin, lifting her emotions with his feelings right above the ceiling.

She was still.

He traced her lips, marked her memory and soul.

His lips touched her’s. All the curiosity unrolled.

He lept, he swayed. He bit her lips. Her world was suddenly so lit.

He invaded her lips. Plundered her mouth so rich, healed her pain and sealed her with a kiss.

Both lost in a mysterious voyage in a lust full cruise. 

When the destination was still unknown and the desperation still unbound. 

There was ting. Their arms flinged, thier lips cringed.

The elevator doors opened. They stood apart, their hearts void and open.

Was it a bliss or… just a miss and a cheat’s kiss.

Behind the elevator doors●

~Aishwarya Singh 


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