To all the men out there.

Whoever that girl is please just do not treat her the way you treated your last partner which broke her and broke your relationship.

Do not abandon her whenever you feel like.

Make sure she’s not scared of you.

Don’t abuse her and make her doubt her self worth.
Please treat her like a wife and not servant.

Please do not highlight her flaws and show them as reasons to not be with her.

Please know when she tells you things and abides in you she trusts you and when she says she loves you she sees you as that one person that will always love her and be with her on her side no matter what.

When she makes un-intentional mistakes make her understand if she’s wrong don’t brutally punish and scar her memory.

If she fails to behave according to you in certain matters don’t just throw her away like a broken toy and please know that she’s a humanbeing and not a robot and she is your wife but is also someone’s daughter, sister , and friend. Please know that she is trying her level best to be the best possible wife to you all the time.

Treat her with love care and respect and never let her feel alone or scared or disgusted of her self.

Please make sure you don’t intentionally hurt and cause pain, because the world is already brutal enough and she would be seeing you as her support and the one good thing among all the bad so if you itself treat her brutally and inflict plain and make her cry then she will just break. Because she really does have no one to go to.

Please keep the promises you make to her because she will believe them and build a future in her head based on that.
Unfortunately all women believe what they hear instead of actions and behaviour.

So please keep your word and treat her like a queen and never make her feel any less

~Aishwarya Singh

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