As intoxicated blood flood through my veins filling my mind with a daze, heat swept my body and my heart thumped against my chest as my feet thumped on the dance floor.

Lost in chaos drowning in momentary happiness, I lost control. When, a strange yet familiar hand ushered me into the spotlight blinding me. In the centre surrounded by familiar faces instead of tripping on sidelines, I felt conscious but safe.

Chivalry even in a drunken haze, gentle warmth and sincere concern, rekindled deep desires buried and forgotten, caressing my inner demon awakening it from a sound slumber.

Music left my ears, intoxications drained from my blood, as my feet took me away from the dance floor, away from the crowd.

As the rush and noise died down, reality dawned and a pang of emptiness hit me, the roaring hungry demon only made the feeling worse.

Carnal desires roared in my groin demanding to be satisfied. Being ravaged felt the only way to dampen the rising flames.

Senses blurred and I lost all reason as I tapped on numbers to find the only and last touch that had roiled the insides of me. Also betrayed me to the thorns that shred my soul and tore me to pieces.

My mind struggled but my demon pushed me towards the only thing that I had ran so far away from.

Collided I found me in the embrace of petals that enveloped and crushed me and bursts of pleasure spread through my body until with teary eyes I realised that deep down these petals lay a rotten end filled with thorns.

~Aishwarya Singh

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